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2009 honda interceptor - easy to marvel at the Interceptor's high-tech parts manifest and its state-of-the-art components, including a VTEC-equipped

We’re all familiar with the rush that supersport motorcycles provide, but also wish we could ride more withought the fatique that comes as standard. Honda’s response to the demands of adrenaline and comfort takes the name Interceptor and concludes in simply the most versatile all around motorcycle powered by a racing-derived V-Four VTEC engine.

2009 Honda Interceptor European version
Despite speculations conforming which the new Honda VFR will feature a V5 engine, the 2008 Intermot show in Cologne has to prove the motorcycle press wrong.

Instead of being fully upgraded as a 2009 model year, the bike still features the VTEC V4 engine, the only important addition being the C-ABS system, but only as an option. Also, the White paint scheme now available on the European version and the Black on the North American one further enhance the awesome VFR design and that’s pretty much all that this bike brings new on the scene.

But you should never doubt the performance of a VFR engine. The V4 – VTEC with electronic fuel injection, which distributes power in two different stages by implementing an ingenious valve opening system, is both a great power source and an economical engine depending on the riding preferences of each rider. Maximum horsepower is 108 at 10,500 rpm and torque, 59 ft.lb at 8,750 rpm.

The engine is positioned on a nimble double – beam aluminum frame ensuring that the handling abilities would stay true to the VFR name.

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