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Ducati Monster S4R - two wheeled Shelby Cobra on heat!

Ducati Monster S4R, Ducati Monster
Ducati Monster S4R, Ducati Monster
Ducati Monster S4R, Ducati Monster

The first true production Ducati "cafè racer", it is an evolution of Italy's - and the world's - best loved racing motorcycles from Ducati.

The basic design that has made the Ducati Monster such a huge year-after-year success has been retained, but now - for the first time in the history of this motorcycle and after ten years of undisputed leadership - every aspect of the S4R has been given a decidedly aggressive look.

The most important developments regard the set-up and the engine, now equipped with the championship-winning, electronic injection, water-cooled Ducati 996 engine.

Features include:
New Ducati 996 engine - New exhausts - New high mufflers "two in one in two" - Aluminum muffler cover - Aluminum exhaust cover - New aluminum single-sided rear swinging arm - New Showa fully adjustable rear shock absorber - New fully adjustable Showa front fork with TIN (titanium nitride treatment) - New mirrors - New separately forged rider and passenger foot-rests - New aluminum stand - Front mudguard, side panels, radiator cover, belt covers in carbon - Oil radiator - New rear disc 245 x 6 - Variable cross-section aluminum handlebar - New lighter steering head - Electronic instruments with new racing design.

The Ducati Monster S4R thanks to 113 HP, 12 more than the S4, is the most powerful Monster Ducati ever made! A bike that is unbeatable on a fast blend of curves, thus giving you a bike that is perfect for every road and track situation.

The introduction of the 996 eight-valve water-cooled desmodromic engine, a derivative of the 996 racing engine, makes the S4R a motorcycle for riders with extensive motorcycling experience.

The set-up has been improved considerably, both in absolute terms and with respect to the previous version. The mechanical component that stands out the most, enhanced by a unique design inspired by the MH evolution, is the single-sided aluminum rear swinging arm: a solution that is sure to be big hit with fans of the Monster concept.

Other elements which highlight just how attentive Ducati is to set-up are the fully adjustable front Showa fork with TIN (titanium nitride treatment), and the rear shock absorber. Changes in this area regard the rear braking system, which features a modified disc brake, the thickness of which has been increased from 5 mm to 6 mm.

As requested by Monster owners themselves, the S4R has a riding position that abandons the semi-handlebar solution derived from the ST and now features an elegant, practical, variable cross-section aluminum handlebar. Thanks to the new, separate rider-passenger foot-rests, the new stand and the new exhausts, ground clearance has been increased so that the rider can lean into the bend at even more extreme angles. The foot-rests have not only been repositioned: they are narrower too, thus reducing the front cross-section of the Monster S4R. The mirrors have also been re-designed.

The multi-functional electronic dashboard has been given a new racing-look design with black-and-white background. The digital display allows the rider to switch from water temperature to clock at the touch of a button, even when riding.

The rider can also adjust the intensity of dashboard illumination should it bother him/her during night riding and the display is programmed to inform the rider when it is time to have the motorcycle serviced. The partial and total odometers are of the liquid crystal type and the immobilizer, fitted as standard, is integrated into the dashboard with an automatic default setting.


Red, Yellow, Black with Metallic Grey chassis and wheels; Metallic Grey with Metallic Grey chassis and Fluorescent Red wheels; Blue with White Stripe and Blue chassis with White wheels

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